The purpose of this practice

Since 2012, we have been conducting a research on Halal food culture of the Muslim.

 The survey results indicate that Japanese food culture and the concept of HalaI share an underlying clean and good for health.

 On the basis of this assumption, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies has been conducting “halal experiments of Japanese bento” and “ready made side dish or snack survey” in collaboration with Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Halal will be esoteric diverse if approaching from religious doctrine.

After all, we will take on a risk, if it is judged halal or non-halal by only knowledge whose is not a Muslim.

 Therefore, how they can ensure peace of mind, we believe that it’s the judgment of the Muslims them self by the disclosure of information.

The purpose of this research is searching for Muslim Friendly Japanese restaurants or Japanese sweet shops, in collaboration with Muslims from Malaysia.

 If the permission of the store’s business is obtained, we will stick a “Muslim Friendly Logo mark”, which is reflected on the map information multilingual in (English and Malay) on the web. In web information, and then publish the photos and testimonials of Muslim blog.


The aim of this project

Muslim has increased from ASEAN emerging countries. 

 However in Kyoto, information to Muslim is not enough for tantalizing or purchasing. 

A lot of information and visualizing it, induce guests to the mall expecting to be activation. By promoting the takeaway Kyoto culture and get a taste of Kyoto, we aim to shift to a stable Muslim market from Muslim boom.